Occasionally we get a very specific question in the mailbox, namely: I sent a newsletter to a certain group of customers. And some customers have not received this newsletter at all. How can this be? In this article we'll explain how you can rule out some of the reasons why your customer didn't receive the newsletter.

1. Rule out that the e-mail was not bounced to the e-mail address in question

When you go to your newsletter statistics, go to the heading 'bounces' and check whether you can find the email address there.

πŸ‘‰ Is that the case? Then the newsletter has bounced at this email address and that is the reason why the customer did not receive the newsletter.

2. Rule out if your customer has already received a newsletter that same day.

To avoid being marked as spam, you should only send your customer a newsletter once a day and a trigger once a day. The first thing to check is that you may have sent out two newsletters to your group of customers that day. Check if that's the case, that you used the same target groups for the two (or more) newsletters in one day.

πŸ‘‰ Is that the case? Then your target group is not going to receive the 2nd newsletter. Unless you have set your customers to receive multiple newsletters per day.

3. Exclude if you have set up for unopened emails to be re-sent

Are you not dealing with point 1? Okay, stay calm. We're now going to rule out another cause, namely whether you have set up unopened e-mails to be sent again. When you create a newsletter, in the second step you'll get the option to resend unopened e-mails:

This is useful, considering customers sometimes overlook your email. In the example, you re-send unopened emails up to 3 days after sending the original date. Imagine you sent out this newsletter on Monday. With this setting the newsletter will be sent out until three days after Monday, so until Thursday. Are you already sending out your new newsletter to the same group on Thursday?

πŸ‘‰ Is that the case? Then your target group is not going to receive Thursday's newsletter, since they already received Monday's newsletter on the Thursday.

Have you ruled out all of these steps? Then there might be something else going on. In that case, please contact us via chat or email.

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