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How do I set up an email for Dark Mode?
How do I set up an email for Dark Mode?

In this article I explain how to test your newsletter in Dark Mode.

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You now have the opportunity to test your newsletter in Dark Mode.

1. What is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode is a special function for using your mobile phone in the dark. This mode darkens white, sharp areas. This makes your eyes less tired. In addition, Dark Mode uses less battery when your phone is switched on. The white, bright colors are converted into a mix of grey, black and other dark colors.

2. Why do I need to keep the Dark Mode in mind?

Dark Mode causes the background of a newsletter to darken. This is quite inconvenient if you have not optimised your newsletter for it. For example, think of a black button in your newsletter without a border. This is how it would look:

Your CTA button doesn't stand out at all now. Or the use of black icons, for example for your socials:

That doesn't stand out either. It is important to think about this and to test it.

In Reloadify you can test the dark mode now!

3. How do I test my newsletter in Dark Mode?

Now that you know what Dark Mode is and how not to do it, you probably want to optimize your newsletter for Dark Mode. Have you created a newsletter?

Then press save. Now press 'preview':

A slider appears which you can turn on and off to activate and deactivate the Dark Mode:

Once activated you will see that your newsletter has a dark background:

❗ To make your text stand out more, we recommend leaving your text in buttons white. In the example above the button text is white, but the dark mode of our editor converts this to black. Please note that the dark mode does not convert white letters to black, but to white.

When I actually test the email in Dark Mode on my phone, this is what I see:

As you can see, the letters in the CTA remain white. For these reasons, you also want to make your newsletter Dark Mode-proof.

Some tips we would like to give you anyway:

  • Make an outline around your button, so you can be sure that your button is always seen properly.

  • Are you using product photos? Keep in mind that the white background will be clearly visible in the dark mode:

  • The same goes for your logo or other images: is there any white space around them? You will see this clearly in the dark mode.

  • Better not use black logos

Now you know what the dark mode does and how it works in Reloadify. Good luck! πŸ™Œ

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