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How do I hide elements on desktop or mobile?
How do I hide elements on desktop or mobile?

In this article we explain how you can hide elements in your newsletter on the desktop or on the mobile version of your newsletter.

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Did you know you can hide elements in your newsletter? This way you make your newsletter suitable for both mobile and desktop. In this article you will learn how to format an email perfectly for both desktop and mobile.

Why do you want to hide elements for a certain device?

When you read email on your mobile, there are a number of elements that differ from reading on desktop. I list them for you:

  1. The screen of a phone is many times smaller and mainly narrower than a desktop screen. As a result, columns, among other things, do not fit well side by side in an email. So in an email for mobile never use columns but put everything under each other.

  2. For a readable font you should use at least 13pt. This is the minimum reading size for an iPhone. Smaller letters are automatically enlarged and can affect the design.

  3. Readers navigate by hand. Call to actions should be clickable and not too close together.

  4. The place on the screen where "the fold" is located differs when the user views the content in landscape or portrait mode. Make sure that the desired call to action is always visible, even if it is a part of it.

View your newsletter in desktop and mobile versions

After you have designed your newsletter, in Reloadify you view the preview of your newsletter. In this view, you can switch between the desktop version and the mobile version. At the top of the screen, in preview mode, you can switch views.

Now when you press the mobile icon, you will see that your newsletter shows the mobile view.

Please note that this example is based on standard cell phone formats. We always recommend testing emails on multiple devices.

Adjusting elements for mobile or desktop

You can change elements for mobile or desktop in four ways:

  • Hiding an element on a device

  • Create a separate view for both mobile and desktop

  • Don't stack columns on mobile

  • Reverse stack order on mobile

Hiding an element on a device

To hide an element on a device, select the block or an entire row. In the right-hand menu, you will then find the "Hide on" option. Then click on the icon of the device you want to hide the element on.

In the editor, the hidden row is visible by default and becomes semi-transparent.

Creating a separate view for both mobile and desktop

You do this by creating two rows. One row you create for desktop, and hide it on mobile. The other row, you create for mobile and hide on desktop.

Don't stack columns on mobile

On mobile, showing multiple columns on one row is disabled by default. This is because most phones cannot show this properly. Still want to show two (narrow) columns side by side on mobile? Then select the row and choose the option "Don't reorganize columns on mobile" in the right menu.

Reverse stack order on mobile

Are you using a row with multiple columns in the desktop version of your mail? By default, we put these columns below each other with the left column at the top. Prefer to show the right column at the top on mobile? You can do that with the click of a button. Select the entire row and choose the "Reverse order on mobile" option from the right menu.

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