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How do I create a template for my emails?
How do I create a template for my emails?

In this article we explain how to choose a template or save it yourself.

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In Reloadify, you can use several standard templates. For example, we offer templates for abandoned cart emails, winback emails, customer birthday, and much more!

Our templates are just a few examples of how you can set up your email marketing. Of course, you can also design your own template. This article tells you how to create a template.

1. Create a template from the menu

Would you like to create a template without actually creating a newsletter? You can. To do so, go to Content and then Templates

Now click on 'new template'. You can now choose whether you want to create an e-mail, pop-up or landing page template. Depending on your choice, you then go to the editor.

Style your template here and save it. Now your template will appear under 'saved templates' and you can load your template into an e-mail, pop-up or landing page.

2. Creating a template from an email, landing page or pop-up

Have you created an email, landing page or pop-up and want to save it as a template? Creating a template is also possible from any editor. To do so, click the Save as template button in the green bar.

In addition to saving an entire mail, it is also possible to save rows. This is done by selecting the entire row and clicking on the diskette icon. Saved rows can be found under Rows, Saved Rows.

3. Using an existing template

To use an existing template, in the design of the email, pop-up or landing page, choose the Select template option in the green bar. This button opens the template library.

Are you creating a new email, landing page or pop-up? Then the template library opens automatically.

Do you think the content of the chosen template does not fit your webshop? You can easily adapt this template to your wishes. It is possible to customize the copy, images and layout to suit your webshop.

With Reloadify it is possible to use a fixed template, create your own or save specific rows. Especially for a standard newsletter it is useful to create a template, so you always send out the same newsletter.

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