To save yourself time and to ensure a continuous design throughout your emails, you can easily reuse your saved rows. In the following we will explain how to save, copy and manage rows.


The creation of a newsletter or a trigger is done through the use of multiple rows, also called structures, which work like a modular construction system. Specific parts of an email are not used only once, but also in other emails. You can reuse those parts by saving the rows. Click on the floppy disc icon after clicking on the row you want to save. Give the row a distinct name, to make it easy for yourself to find it again.

To use saved rows in another email, go to "Rows" on the right in the menu and select the drop down menu. At the very bottom you can find "Saved rows". Here you will find all of your saved rows, available for reuse in your emails.


Do you want to use the same row again in the same email? Then choose the easy way of "copying" the row. Click on the double square and you will immediately see the copy of the row appear in your email.

💡 Tip: Do you want to reuse the entire email? You can also copy the whole email.


You can manage your saved rows in another menu. At the top of the screen, next to "Save" and "Send test email" you will find the option "Saved rows". Here you can easily manage your saved rows. It is important to note, that you cannot edit your saved rows. If you want to adjust a picture or text, you will need to delete the saved row, create a new one in your email editor and save this new version of it.

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