Can I reuse my email designs?

In this article we will show you how to reuse parts of or entire designs.

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Imagine you have created the perfect trigger or newsletter in the email editor and now you want to reuse specific parts from it in other emails. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Copy your email;

  2. Save your row.

1. Copy your email

You can copy an entire trigger or newsletter by selecting "Copy" in the drop down menu behind the trigger (behind the three dots). On the overview page you will now find the copied trigger or newsletter. You can edit the copy, fill in different content and (re)send the email.

Do you have multiple online shops or different languages linked to your account? In that case a menu will appear as soon as you select "Copy", which will let you select the correct online shop.

Use a concept email (both trigger and newsletter) as a template. This allows you to always have a basic email template on hand and can continually be used.

2. Saving rows

Creating a trigger or newsletter is done by sequencing various rows. If you don't want to copy the entire email, you are also able to just save specific rows from your email. Click on the selected row, then click the floppy disk icon to save this row. Use a distinct name to save the row, to be able to find it again quickly. If you want to use the same row again in the same email, just click on the double square on the right.

You can find your saved in the menu on the right under the tab "Rows". Click into the drop down menu and select at the bottom "Saved Rows". An overview of your saved rows will appear and from here you can easily drag them into your email.

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