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How do I place a product in my e-mail?
How do I place a product in my e-mail?

We sync your entire product catalog. Drag and drop products easily into your email with title, product photo and price.

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We sync your entire product catalog. This has the advantage that you can easily drag all your products into your email including product name, picture, price and possibly a short or long description. How to do this?

In this article you will learn how to put a static product in an email. A static product is the same for every recipient. Rather show products that are tailored to, for example, previous purchases (and thus different for each recipient)? Then use a dynamic product feed.

To place a static product

  1. Create a newsletter/trigger. Click through to step 3: email design.

  2. In the right-hand menu, click on "Rows." You now get a dropdown menu which starts with the value "empty".

    3. Open the dropdown menu behind the value "empty". Scroll down until you come across the "Search products" option. Click on it.

    4. A menu will open showing all the products. Select the products you want to put in the email (you can select multiple products at once). Then click on "Save Selection."

5. In the right menu, you will see rows ready with products. Drag and drop the desired row into the email.

๐Ÿ’ก You can easily style the rows for static products using house style components. This way you don't have to manually adjust the formatting of the products (such as font, font size and the button) every time. Read here how to style the house style components.

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