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How do I add my corporate identity for static products?
How do I add my corporate identity for static products?

This article tells you how to set a house style for static components in emails.

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When you want to add static products in a newsletter or trigger you can do that by clicking on Search products via Rows and then add products from your assortment.

When you do this often you will notice that you are constantly changing the layout in your own style, for example the color of buttons, text or font. This is a repetitive task that we think can be done smarter. That is why we designed corporate identity components.

What are corporate identity components?

House style components are rows that you define once under settings. After that the rows of "search products" will load the products in this style. You don't have to style the product rows for every newsletter. Set it once and that's it!

How do I set the corporate identity components?

You can set the house style components as follows: Go to Settings, Corporate identity. Here you can see all the available blocks:

Step 1. Editing or adding a component

You can click on the dots on the right and then choose "edit".

Step 2. Giving your component a name

After you have clicked on edit, you can give the component a name. Tip: give the component a recognizable name, so you can see at a glance which component to use in an e-mail.

Step 3. Styles your component

You will now enter the editor where you can style your component. Here you can set everything once.

Only adjust formatting such as font, font size and color. Do not adjust the liquid. This may cause your component to stop working.

Step 4. Add products to your email

After you set up one or more components, Reloadify takes over the layout. When you search for products in an e-mail and add them, you'll see that the rows have been given the house style you set for the components.

Before styling

After styling

The house style is implemented only for static products. Do you use a dynamic product feed? For this, you still have to adjust the layout manually in each e-mail.

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