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Saving time with your email
Saving time with your email

Tips to create your email even faster

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1. Save and reuse rows

For example, I want to save this row:

Then move to the row and press the floppy icon:

Now give your row a name and click 'save row':

Your row is now saved. You will find your row again under 'rows' and then 'saved rows':

2. Duplicate rows

You can easily duplicate the current row by clicking on the 'duplicate' icon (the two square boxes).

Tip: you can duplicate your entire newsletter in the overview at your newsletters. Does your webshop have different languages? Then you can choose which language your newsletter should be duplicated to (this also works for duplicating triggers, landing pages, and pop-ups).

3. Use the style settings

Under the heading 'settings' you will find the default settings of your newsletter, such as the background color, block color, background image, font, or the color of your links. Once you've set these, your entire newsletter will adjust to it.

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