Examples of pop-ups

In this article you will find some examples of how to use popups.

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Pop-ups are a great way to capture leads from your webshop. But did you know that you can use pop-ups for much more than that? In this article you will find some examples of how you can use pop-ups.

1. Pop-up newsletter subscription

The most obvious pop-up is the newsletter subscription. In this pop-up, your goal is to collect leads. When you go to the pop-ups in Reloadify and create a new pop-up, by default this pop-up will be there for you:

This pop-up can be edited the way you want it. Of course it is also possible to empty the pop-up completely and build a new pop-up yourself. If you look further under rows and click on Default then there are also a number of standard pop-ups ready for you:

Choose a template you like and fill it out.

❗Important: there is an example pop-up with a countdown in it. However, this countdown is an image and purely for example.

2. Pop-up Bestselling Product(s)

Not looking for a pop-up for your newsletter subscription but actually to draw attention to a product? No problem! Your saved rows can be used in the pop-up builder.

In this example, I saved a row with a product I would like to highlight. You easily drag the saved row into your pop-up, so you get a product block in your pop-up. This week there is a special offer with a hair mask and I would like to let everyone know about it. I use my pop-up for this, which looks like this for example:

This way you entice your visitor to immediately take up the offer because the 'add to cart' button is automatically added. Handy, huh?

3. Pop-up to lead your visitor to something (special offer, blog)

Would you like to use your pop-up to lead your customers somewhere in your shop? For example to a special page with offers, a specific blog or whatever. That's possible too! In my example, I wrote a blog about choosing the right sunglasses, since there are a number of sunglasses on sale. In collaboration with the brand owner of the sunglasses, we wrote a blog that needs some extra traffic. So. A pop-up! The pop-up can be styled however you like, which is why I came up with the following design:

4. Pop-up when leaving the cart

When setting up the pop-up you have several options for when exactly to show the pop-up. When the visitor is in doubt, for example in the check-out, it is possible to show the pop-up only in the check-out. You want to distract your customer as little as possible while ordering, so think carefully about whether you want this or not. For the pop-up, choose the following settings:

I choose to include only the checkout URL and show the pop-up when my visitor hesitates. In this way, I try to prevent an abandoned shopping cart. My pop-up is simple, but effective:

Tips for content in your pop-up

Here are a few tips for creating a strong pop-up:

  • Before activating your pop-up, make sure you test it. In the design tool of the pop-up you find the demo button.

  • Create a clear CTA to get your customers to take action.

  • Match your pop-up with your webshop by using the same colors and typography.

  • Optimize your pop-up for mobile visitors as well. The screen is smaller, so be creative in what you do and do not show.

  • Do not use too many pop-ups, this can cause irritation for your webshop visitor.

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