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3 triggers to start with
3 triggers to start with

Are you new to the world of triggers? These 3 triggers should not be missing from your email marketing.

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Want to get started with automated emails, but have no idea where to start? This article will tell you which 3 triggers you can turn on first.

1. Welcome your new subscribers

Of course you want to give new subscribers a warm welcome. You set this trigger with the following line:

Put in your email:

  • Who you are;

  • What you do;

  • What customers should expect from your newsletter;

  • Any previously promised discount code.

Need some inspiration? Read our blog on a successful welcome campaign.

2. Retrieve abandoned shopping carts

With the following settings, you email the customers who have abandoned their shopping carts:

In the design of the email, then drag and drop the next dynamic row:

Put in your email:

  • That you have saved the cart for the customer;

  • A button with a link to the cart (on the right side via 'special links' > 'Abandoned shopping cart link', see image below);

  • Optional: a reminder that the items are not reserved.

3. Win back sleeping customers

Dormant customers are those who have bought from you before, but then forgot about your webshop again. You get them back with an email, which you send as follows:

Put in your email:

  • That you miss the customer;

  • Optional: give away a discount code to persuade the customer.

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