As soon as you integrate Reloadify into your online shop platform, all your contacts are synchronised. Our system filters all unique email addresses and additional information. This results in a mailing list with all the unique profiles.

You can find all of your online shop profiles on the "Profiles" page. Profiles are the core of Reloadify; these are the people who will be receiving your online shop emails. A profile can be viewed as a customer, but this doesn't always have to be the case. A profile can also be somebody, who has subscribed to your newsletter or an email address you acquired through a different channel.

Our system differentiates between the profiles based on a tagging method. This is an effective solution, which saves you having to use multiple mailing lists. Instead you can use as many tags as you want for each profile.

On the "Profiles" page you can find an overview of your profiles. Here you will see the email address, the name (if listed), potential tags, language (if listed) and the revenue (per profile). Behind the profile you'll find the button "View Profile", where you can find the profile's activities and details.

On this page you find the following data:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Language

  • Assigned tags; for example a discount code

  • Subscribed to the newsletter; green? the profile is subscribed to the newsletter. Red? You can no longer send newsletters to this profile.

  • Active profile; green? this profile receives further email communications (besides the newsletter). Red? You can no longer send email communication to this profile.

  • Customer Life Value (CLV); the total amount a profile has spent in your online shop.

  • Average order value; total amount / number of orders

  • Number of orders

  • Open rate; the percentage of opened emails.

  • Click rate; the percentage of clicks from an email into your online shop.

  • Activities; for example the receiving of newsletters or placing an order.

  • Sent emails

  • Orders; which products have been ordered.

  • Settings (activate or deactivate email notifications).

Under "Settings" you will also find the option "Delete profile". This option is not available for all profiles, which have been synchronised by our system. After deleting a profile, the profile will eventually reappear in your mailing list after the next synchronisation. So why do we have this button? You can use it to delete a profile, which has been manually imported to Reloadify, but which might have some errors in it that need to be corrected.

đŸ‘‰Delete a profile in the back end of your shop? Then also delete the profile in Reloadify. Then the profile is truly deleted. Do you delete the profile in the back-end of your webshop and not in Reloadify? Then the profile will remain active in Reloadify.

At the top right of the "Profiles" page you will find two buttons; "Import profile" and "Add profile".

  • Add profiles (or edit); with this tool you can add one profile at a time to your profile list.

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