We regularly receive the question that certain images within your trigger are not scaling well.

💡Tip: always check if your trigger is going well by sending yourself a test mail. Our system will then pick a random customer from the chosen segment to show you the test mail. Have you set up a nice trigger with, for example, cross-sell items? Great! Always test your trigger by pressing send test (top right). You will now receive a test mail containing cross-sell products. Now you see that the cross-sell products are not nicely displayed in the email: your images are different in size. And that looks a bit strange.

How can this be?

We fully link your webshop to Reloadify. Including your products and their images. The basis for Reloadify is the input your webshop provides. Does your webshop provide us with images in different formats? Then this translates into mailings where we automatically link the products, such as a cross-sell campaign.

❗Have you never set your webshop to have images in the same format? Then pay attention before you create triggers based on these images!

How do I solve this?

You can already feel the answer coming: make sure all your product photos have the same format. This will be transferred 1-to-1 to Reloadify in exactly that size. This will solve your problem.

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