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The checklist for every flow
The checklist for every flow

Having doubts about your flow? Before you activate flow, do a big check using this checklist.

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Are you establishing a flow? Before activating the flow, go through this checklist. Checking a flow consists of three steps:

  • The entry point

  • The content

  • The results

For each step, I'll explain some checks for you.

Are you setting up a flow for the first time? Then first read all about flows: the basics.

Check 1: the entry of the flow

In the first step of the flow, you determine which profiles should enter the flow. A checklist for entering the flow:

  • Is the condition on how often profiles can be in the flow and boarding correct?

  • Is the description of the start node clear to you (and your colleagues)?

  • Is the entry condition correct?

  • Does the entry condition contain a time trigger?

  • Do you actually filter the profiles you want?

  • Have you taken into account the rest of your flows? Prevent the same profiles from entering too many different flows at once (and receiving too many emails). Exclude profiles by using a segment, for example.

Tip: Do you want to see which profiles exactly match entry rules? Then create a segment based on the same filter rules and choose "view profiles."

Does the entry pass the checklist? Proceed to the next checklist around flow content.

Check 2: the content of the flow

In the second step of the flow, you determine the actual content. A checklist for the content of the flow:

  • Is the flow orderly? A flow that is too long creates little overview; it may pay to split the flow in such a case.

  • Is an intermediate condition correct? A condition is only applicable when a clear split can take place at a certain time. Is that not the case? Then perhaps a filter is a good option. Profiles remain in a filter until they match the rule of the filter.

  • Is there enough time between each point in the flow?

  • Have you tested every email in the flow?

Tip: run through the flow with a test account first. Have your test account match the entry conditions and test the different paths.

Does the flow completely pass the checklist? Then it's time to activate it.

Check 3: analyze the flow

The final check, analyzing the flow, is performed after the flow has been active for some time. Among other things, check the following points:

  • Are emails being sent? If not, check the entry condition and adjust it (if necessary).

  • Do all profiles in the flow follow the same path? Check if the condition is set correctly and adjust it (if necessary).

  • Do profiles get stuck in a filter for a long time? Check whether you need to adjust this filter (e.g. add a waiting time and a reminder).

  • Are you satisfied with the KPIs (open ratio, click ratio and turnover)?

Common mistakes in flows

What are the common mistakes in flows? A helpful list:

  • When setting up the flow, the message "time-based rule needed" appears. Can't add a time-based rule? Then set up a newsletter.

  • No profiles match the entry condition. Check that the shop data is coming through correctly. Common errors:

  • Do you filter by order status? In profiles, check that orders are coming through with the correct status.

  • Are you filtering by time of enrollment? Check whether the timestamp of registration is sent to Reloadify.

  • Do you filter by "time of order"? Check that you are filtering by the correct order (first, last, random or any order).

  • A flow is chosen when there is only one email in the flow. A trigger is a better option then.

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