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Error message triggers: time based rule needed
Error message triggers: time based rule needed

Each trigger needs the same rule to be activated. This article tells you which one it is and how to set it.

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Maybe it's happened to you before. When creating the trigger, you have composed the perfect filter rules. However, you can't proceed in the process: you get the message "Updating the trigger has failed: Rules needs one time based rule with an 'equal to' comparison". How do you solve this?

Add time-based rule

A trigger is sent only when a customer "triggers" the mail. The customer performs an action that causes him or her to match the filter rules and the trigger is sent. In fact, Reloadify searches for matching profiles every minute. To prevent a profile from matching to the same trigger any time of day, we require a time-based rule for a trigger.

Are you getting the above error message? The solution to the problem is simple: you add a filter rule based on time. Examples of these rules are:

  • The order time

  • Tag has been changed

  • Newsletter subscription date

  • Ordered X times from category

  • Purchased a product

  • Review time

The above rules are just a sample of all the time-based rules in Reloadify. There are many more! So there is always a rule for you among them that best fits your trigger.

Common errors

We regularly see small errors that get stuck on the time-based rule error. We list the common errors for you:

  • Filter by a lifetime purchase amount "greater/less than or equal to" X euros. With this setting, any profile that meets your rule matches at any time of day. To prevent the trigger from continuously firing to the same profiles, we require you to add a time-based rule. Solution: adjust the rule to "equal to."

  • Filter on a segment with the rule "Profiles in one of the following segments". There is a missing action on which a profile can match. Solution (you guessed it): add a time-based rule.

  • Is there no applicable time-based rule for your mail? Then turn your trigger into a newsletter. You send this once, whenever you want.

Have you added a time-based rule, but still get an error message? Contact us via chat or email. We will help you!

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