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Show content based on a specific tag
Show content based on a specific tag
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In Reloadify, you can add tags to profiles. Based on these tags you can filter in your segments, but you can also show or hide certain content in your email.

To check if a certain tag exists for a profile we use contains. Let's assume in the example that some profiles are tagged with the car brand they drive. Then to show a specific text when someone drives Volvo we use the following syntax:

{% if tags contains "Volvo" %} Ik rijd in een Volvo. {% endif %}

When you want to check for a specific tag, if it is associated with the profile you can display a text ("I drive a Volvo") using the above method. But if it does not exist and you want to display a different text use {% else %}

The syntax then looks like this:

{% if tags contains 'Volvo' %} Ik rijd in een Volvo! {% else %} Ik rijd in een andere auto {% endif %}

The cool thing is that you can use this syntax anywhere in our email editor. I'll give you 4 examples to use below.

Entire rows

A cool way is to show or not show entire rows based on the tags. For example, you can create 1 newsletter, and then fill it with 1 row for each car brand. Based on which tag has which profile he or she then sits a row that is about their car.

To do that, you proceed as follows:

You create an additional row in your email or click on an existing row that you want to show if someone has the tag "Volvo."

Then you click Display Condition which is on the right under Row Properties.

You click on Add condition. Now you need to fill in 4 fields.

The Before and After fields contain the Liquid syntax that checks if someone meets the tags. In Before we check if someone with tags has the Volvo tag. If not then the whole row is not shown.

Subject line

You can just use Liquid syntax in the subject line field. So if you want to personalize subject lines based on which tag someone has then you add that in the email subject field:


You can use this in the pre-header as well:

In text in the email

In the text of emails you can show or not show certain passages based on whether someone has a tag or not.

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