In this article we will explain what newsletters are and how to effectively make use of them.
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You can find the newsletters page on the left in the menu under "Emails", where you can click on "Campaigns". Through campaigns you send a one-time email to communicate with multiple profiles at once.

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ For example: You send a newsletter to keep a big group of profiles updated about the new summer collection, which is now available in your online shop.

You can choose if the email should be sent to all of your profiles, or to a smaller group of selected profiles of your mailing list. If you know for example the sex of your costumers, we recommend you create different newsletters for female and male customers. This enables you to be more target-oriented when informing your customers of upcoming sales.

On the campaign page you can find an overview of your concept emails, your planned emails and your sent emails. In this overview you can also find the name, status and revenue of your newsletters. If a newsletter has been sent, the system will show you the time and date of sending and the number of profiles. If you haven't created a newsletter yet, the send-button and the drop down menu as shown below will not be available.

To open your newsletter, click on the name of the newsletter. In the drop down menu you will find the following options:

  • Edit: you can adjust the settings, add content and specify your design.

  • Duplicate: you can duplicate a whole newsletter or parts of it and use it again.

  • Archive: you can archive the whole newsletter.

  • Delete: you can delete a newsletter.

Create a newsletter

To create a newsletter you can click on the green button at the top right of your screen called "New campaign":

Step 1. Newsletter settings

In step one you start with the name of the newsletter. We recommend to use a name, which is simple and easy to recognize and find later on (your costumers can't see this name). Afterwards you choose your audience.

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ For example: You want to send a newsletter to your female subscribers, to draw their attention to the new spring collection which begins next week. You can use the following filters:

  • the gender is female;

  • subscribed for the newsletter.

Underneath the filter settings you can see how many profiles match with the filters.

Step 2. Sender settings

In this step, you'll fill in the sender data; the name and the email address. We recommend using the name and the email address of your online shop. Additionally, you will fill in the email subject. You are free to fill this in as you wish, but we advise giving the email subject a personal touch by using the first and/or last name of your costumers. Afterwards you can choose to add a preheader to your email. A preheader is a short introduction and ensures a better conversion.

After filling in the subject and pre-header you will find the options for sending. It is possible to add a schedule. This option spreads out the sending, so that not all recipients receive your newsletter at once. Useful to avoid peaks in traffic!

Your newsletter is sent immediately by default. Want to schedule your newsletter for a later time? Deactivate the slider behind send date. An option to select a date and time will appear.

Is it important that your recipients open your mail? You can choose to resend your newsletter to the recipients who have not opened it. This way you reappear in the inbox and increase the chance that your mail will be read!

At the bottom of the page you will see the option to set up an A/B test for this newsletter.

Step 3. Create an email

In this step, you can design your newsletter. You are completely free to design and format your newsletter to your liking. Using the menu on the right, you are able to drag different elements into your emails, for example dynamic products.

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Do you need support and tips about creating a newsletter? In this article, we explain everything about your first sending with Reloadify.

πŸ’‘ Tip: If you have completed your newsletter and are curious about how it is going to look like in the inbox of your customers, you have the option of sending a test email to yourself. Our system will fill the email with randomly picked data from a profile of your online shop.

Once you are done with the last adjustments, you are able to move onto the final step; "Activation". You can click the button at the bottom right on your screen.

Step 4. Send

In this last step, you will see a summary of your newsletter settings. Is everything ready to send? Then you can click the blue 'Send now' or 'Schedule campaign' button at the bottom right. Still want to change something? Use the bar at the bottom of the screen to click on the desired step and make your changes. You can also save the newsletter as a draft. After completing step 4 you will find the e-mail on the newsletters page.

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