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This should be in a newsletter

How do you create a newsletter and what should it contain? Here are all the tips!

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Are you just starting with e-mail marketing? Then it is useful to know what you should put in a newsletter and what your newsletter should include. We will gladly help you on your way.

Step 1: Define the purpose of your newsletter

Start at the beginning. What is the purpose of your newsletter? Do you want customers to click through to your website? Do you want to show them a specific action? Or do you just want to tell them they can sign up for a giveaway? By considering the purpose first, you will know what your newsletter will look like.

Step 2: Determine your target group

Now that you know what your goal is, you move on to step 2, which is: determining your target audience. It is wise to approach different target groups in different ways. Think about it: you talk to someone ten years old in a much different way than to someone 40 years old. Your target audience determines your content and tone of voice. Think about their interests, buying behavior (order history) or age. Filtering your target group in step 1 when creating your newsletter gives you endless possibilities. Not sure which rules to use? Feel free to ask in the chat. We are happy to think things through with you.

Step 3: Determine the content

Now decide what you want to put in your newsletter. Will it be offers of the week? Or will you highlight a blog post? Of course, a combination of these is also a strategy. Besides the content, it is also good to think about what images you will use. Many people are visually oriented, so it can help to put a nice image in your newsletter. This will entice your customers to click through to your website.

Step 4: Create your newsletter

Now the real work begins: creating your newsletter. A logical sequence for your newsletter is: header, your message, footer.

  • Header

With a header you actually start your newsletter. It could be the menu like the one on your website. Or a nice header image with a featured article/blog or something else.

  • Offers / blogs

After the header comes your message: what do you want to tell your customers?

πŸ‘‰ Do you want to put offers in your newsletter? Then select the products you want to put in the newsletter via "Rows" > "Search products". A new screen will pop up with all your products from your webshop. Select some of them, and you will see that they can be pasted directly into your newsletter with product picture and price. That saves time!

In our experience, a variation of images and text works well.

When you drag a product block into your newsletters, you will see that you get a button. This button links through to the relevant product on your website. Think carefully about the CTA (call to action). Always keep your CTA short and sweet. After all, you want to prompt your customer to take action. "Shop now", "Shop" or "Order" always work well.

  • Footer

Have you covered everything you wanted to? Then close your newsletter with a footer. In the footer you put useful information about your website. Think about how to reach customer service, what days they are open and other contact details.

πŸ‘‰ Indispensable in your newsletter is the unsubscribe link. It is mandatory to give your customers an option in your newsletter to unsubscribe. Besides, it is also kind towards your customers. Have you forgotten this? Don't worry, before you send a newsletter you can always see in the summary whether you have added an unsubscribe link to your e-mail.

Step 5: Testing!

Have you finished your newsletter? Then it's time to test your newsletter. Because you want to make sure your newsletter is as you intended. To do this, click on 'send test', which is at the top right in the e-mail editor.

πŸ‘‰ Always test your newsletter on a desktop (computer) and on a mobile phone.

You want to make sure that no matter where your customer reads your e-mail, your e-mail can be read properly. Therefore, test carefully whether your newsletter displays well on desktop and on mobile. On a phone, your screen is smaller. Your buttons might be too small (or too big). Of course, our software automatically scales your newsletter to a smaller screen. But it is never wrong to check whether the newsletter is to your liking.

Is your newsletter to your satisfaction? Send it!

Tips for your newsletter

1. Make sure the layout is clear

You want your newsletter to be understood at once. Therefore, make sure your layout is clear. This will help your customer read through the newsletter.

2. Seduce your reader

What you ultimately want is to entice the customer to click through to your website. You want to achieve conversion. Try to entice your customers. You can do this with a CTA, with an attractive image or with a great discount.

3. Make your reader curious

You want curious customers. Do you have something new to tell them? Make the reader curious in the newsletter, but don't tell them everything yet. To find out everything, they need to click through to the website. Because once on the website, they can convert.

4. Don't make your subject line too long

Consider the length of your subject line. If your subject line is too long, on a mobile phone for instance, your subject line will be truncated. That way, your customer does not see the whole message you want to convey.

5. Use your pre-header

Besides your subject line, you also have a pre-header. This is a line that appears below the subject line in your customers' inbox. An extra opportunity to entice your customers to open your newsletter. Read more about why you should include a pre-header here.

6. Have your newsletter checked

It is a shame if your newsletter is full of spelling mistakes. Therefore, always have someone else check your newsletter. That way, you can be sure that your spelling mistakes have been removed and that your entire newsletter is correct.

Now that you know how to make a newsletter and what your newsletter must comply with, it's time to get started. Good luck! If you need help, send us a chat message.

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