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Insert own data with custom fields (API only)
Insert own data with custom fields (API only)

Adding your own data and filtering on your own rules. In this article we explain how to do that

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Through our API connection it is possible to upload your own custom data to Reloadify. With this data you can make your emails even more personal. Personal data that can lift your emails to a higher level is for example:

  • Your customer's shoe size

  • The number of children your customer has

  • The brand of car your customer drives

  • The names of your customer's pets

You read it: the custom data can be anything. You decide! Inserting your own data is done in just 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Create a new property

  • Step 2: Collect your own data

  • Step 3: Upload your own data

๐Ÿ’ก Not using our API? Not to worry, we are working hard to make this feature available to our non-API users as well.

Step 1: Create new property

Go to Settings > Custom fields. Here you will find an overview of all your custom data.

Click on "New property". In this screen, create the property that your data falls under.

  • Type: here you specify what the data belongs to. Currently it is only possible to enter data belonging to a person.

  • Data type: with this setting you indicate what kind of data you will shoot. Currently, only string data is available.

  • Name: enter the name of the data here, for example 'License plate'.

  • Description: enter the description of your data here, for example, 'Profile license plate'.

So, your property is set. Time to load your data!

Step 2: Collect your own data

You shoot in your own data using a CSV import. To link the data to your new property, you need the property reference. This can be found in the overview of your custom properties. You use the reference as the title of the column with your custom data.

Your CSV file will look like this:

Step 3: Upload your own data

Upload your CSV file (via Import > CSV file > New import) and select the desired language. You will come to a screen where you connect all the data to the appropriate fields. Scroll down until you get to 'Custom fields'. Here are all the properties you added yourself. From the dropdown menu you can match the appropriate column to the property.

Custom data upload via API

Rather not get to work manually uploading your custom data? Shoot the data in via the API! Our API documentation tells you exactly how to do this.

Modify or delete custom data

Do you want to change the custom data? Change the data in your CSV file and upload it again. The data will be overwritten automatically.

Do you want to delete custom data? Leave the title of the column (the reference of the property), but empty the rest of the column. Upload the CSV file again. Because the column is empty, all data will be "overwritten" with the blank cell.

โ—๏ธ Note that leaving the column empty with your own data will delete all data from that property. Do you want to delete the data of only one profile? Then do an import with only this one profile in your CSV file.

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