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Transactional emails for digital products
Transactional emails for digital products

Do you want to send your digital product, such as a printable to your customers? If you have Lightspeed, you can do this with Reloadify!

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We often get the question if you can also send digital products to your customers. If your webshop is running on Lightspeed, you can!

In this article, I'll explain how to set up your trigger for this. This will also work if you want to send your customers a PDF after they have purchased a specific product.

1. Trigger settings

You create a trigger for the digital product. Give your trigger a logical name. Next, you need three segmentation rules for your trigger:

  • The order moment

  • The order status

  • An order containing the product

The order moment

You choose that the order moment is equal to 1 minute ago. You obviously want your customer to receive their digital product as soon as possible after paying.

The order status

The order status should be completed or processed. This differs per shop. To be sure, check the status of these specific orders in the back-end of your Lightspeed shop. Some shops have a different status than others. In this example we assume 'Order status equals processing':

An order that contains the product

Of course, you also need to filter on the orders that contain the specific product such as the printable or for example a PDF. You then pick any order that contains at least one of the following products:

At the field 'product' you look for the product that it is about.

2. Design your trigger

Next, you will design the e-mail that fits the trigger. Make it as fun and original as you want. What is important is that there is a link in your email that refers to the digital product.

There are two different options for this:

  • Put the link in the text

  • Put the link in a button

Put the link in the text

Choose to put the link in the text? Select your text and press the paper clip (marked yellow in the image)

You will now see the following screen:

❗ For Link type you choose for the 'File Manager' option.

A new screen will open where you can upload your PDF by pressing upload:

Search for your PDF on your laptop and attach it to your e-mail. In your window will now also appear a URL:

Now press 'ok'. Your text will now turn blue, so you know there is a URL underneath:

Putting the link in a button

Do you want to put your link in a button? No problem! Just drag a button into your newsletter. I put in the button the following CTA 'download now':

When you click on the button, you will see on the right side at 'content' an action that you can link to your button:

Now press 'link file'. A window will appear where you can upload your PDF by pressing 'upload':

Add your PDF to the button and press 'insert'. You will see that there will be a URL behind the button, because the field 'URL' is filled:

And that's it! You have now designed the right trigger and put the PDF in the email. Now activate your trigger and you're done!

Note: this trigger can only be set if the product is always the same, since you are uploading 1 PDF (and not a dynamic PDF upload). For example, when sending tickets for events, this will not work. Tickets often have unique barcodes, making each product (ticket) unique. In that case the product is not always the same, so this trigger is not made for that.

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