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Transactional emails (Lightspeed only)
Transactional emails (Lightspeed only)

Transactional email layout changes for Lightspeed.

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Within Lightspeed, you have limited options for changing the template of your transactional emails. With the transactional functionality within Lightspeed, you can quickly and easily create different formats through our drag 'n drop editor.

Important: Lightspeed transactional emails work by injecting the "middle" of the email. So you only have influence on the header and footer of the email. Also, there are no different versions for different languages. Do you have a webshop in multiple languages? Then make sure your template is also suitable for multi-language!

Step 1. Create a format email within Reloadify

Click on Transactional in the left menu and create a new transactional email. Choose a suitable name for the template (for example: Sinterklaas 2020).

Step 2. Develop the template

You can now completely design the email yourself. Keep in mind that in order to load the data from Lightspeed, the following tag will load all content:

{{ email.content | raw }}

You can find this tag under "Merge tags" in the Transactional email editor.

In the following screenshot you can see how I designed a basic template that uses this:

Step 3. Copy the code and paste it into Lightspeed

After you've copied the code, you can paste it directly into your Lightspeed web store and put it live.

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