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Review functionality for Lightspeed

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In this article, I'll show you how to set up a review page using Reloadify's landing page functionality to collect reviews to then send a thank you email with a discount code.

Why collect reviews this way? Lightspeed's review form cannot recognize email addresses. Because of this, it's not always clear which customer left a review, and some customers therefore don't receive a discount code. By using Reloadify's landing page you get around this problem.

The step-by-step plan:

  1. Create landing page to collect reviews

  2. Set up review trigger

  3. Set up a thank you trigger with a unique discount code

1. Create landing page for reviews

To use this functionality you need to have validated the CNAME for landing pages.

When you look at Forms - Landing Pages you will see a default landing page for reviews. You can edit this page in your own house style to create the review page. You cannot create a separate page and name it the review page. So you edit the existing landing page.

When you click on edit you enter the editor for the landing page for reviews. You'll see a separate review form here.

👉 Pro tip: We automatically recognize who is visiting the landing page through a sent email. So you can use all the merge tags from the customer like: first name, last name, purchased product etc.

After you have set up the landing page the way you want it you can activate it. It is now live an approachable for customers.

2. Set up review trigger

Now that the landing page has been configured, we will setup the first trigger. This trigger sends the review request to the client.

You can choose when to send the trigger, some tips:

  • Send the trigger based on the "last" order. Then the order and products in the e-mail correspond.

  • Take into account your sending time, so wait a little longer with sending or send the trigger X days after sending.

  • Play around with extra rules, for example you can only send review requests to customers who have placed more than 1 order in your store (and therefore have a good experience with you)

After you have gone through the first 2 steps you can add the products for review in Step 3.

In Step 3. The trigger design I add the following row to my email:

All products for review landing page. You can find this under Rows and then click on the dropdown "empty".

This row shows the products from the customer's last order, combined with a unique review URL to the landing page.

❗️Based on the information contained in the URL, we recognize the customer and the product. So if you go directly to the landing page without clicking on the email URL you will not see anything.

Now you can drag the product row into the email.

3. Set up thank you trigger with coupon code

Before we set up this trigger, we create a coupon code. If you have already created one, you can skip this step. In this example I will give 5% discount after leaving a review. I create an automatic coupon code of 5% discount by going to Dynamic content - Coupon codes.

I create a new dynamic coupon code with the following settings:

After creating the coupon code, I create a trigger. I click on "new trigger" and set it up as follows:

As a rule I choose "The review moment is 5 minutes ago". This will give the customer the coupon code immediately after posting their review. I can of course combine this with other rules such as whether it is a new customer or existing customer, what the height of the review was and whether it is about a particular product. Decide for yourself how deeply you want to segment on this audience.

The only thing left is to add a discount code in the trigger. You do this by clicking on Merge Tags and adding the newly created discount code to the email.

Now you can also activate this trigger and your workflow to collect reviews is complete!

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