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How to change the colour of your (hyper-) links?
How to change the colour of your (hyper-) links?

In this article we will show you how to change the colour of your (hyper-)links to suit the style of your emails.

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If you are adding a link into your email, for example a link for an offer, it is possible to change the colour of the link to match the design of your email. This works for (hyper)links as well as special links. You can adjust the color in two ways: for all links in the entire mail, or the color per link.

Set a default color for (hyper)links

Set a default color for your (hyper)links to instantly show the color of all links in the correct color. In the e-mail editor, click on "Settings" (on the right). This will open the general settings of your email. Behind "Link color" you can enter the desired color. Done! From now on, all links in your email will have the correct color.

Changing the color per (hyper)link

Below is a sample email with two different links; an email address (hyperlink) and an unsubscribe link (special link).

Click into the text box and a layout menu will appear on the right. Here you will see the option "Link colour" (see image).

Fill in the colour code you prefer and the colour of the link will change. It is important to repeat this adjustment in every row. If you want all of your email links to be in the same colour, you will have to use this method for every text box. You can also save the row with the right coloured link and you will have easy access to it every time you are writing an email.

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