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How do I synchronize my segments with Meta Ads?
How do I synchronize my segments with Meta Ads?

In this article, you will learn how to synchronize your segments with Meta Ads.

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Link your Reloadify account to your Meta Ads account. Synchronize segments from Reloadify directly to Meta. Create audiences based on your segments. Target your exact audience of existing customers, or create look-a-like audiences in Meta.

Note: You need admin rights to connect with Reloadify.

Synchronize a segment to Meta

In Reloadify, create a segment.

Return to the main page of segments (Profiles > Segments). Open the menu of the segment to be synchronized by clicking on the three dots. Choose Sync to Meta Ads.

A screen opens with the following information:

  • The number of profiles in the segment.

  • Custom audience name. This is where you enter the name of the segment to be synchronized

  • Custom target group description. Here, you enter a description of the segment to be synchronized.

  • Meta Ads account. Choose which account you want to synchronize the segment to here.

After filling in the information, click Start syncing. The segment is immediately synchronized to a custom audience in Meta Ads.

It can take up to 24 hours until you see the target group in Meta Ads.

Error message?

Are you getting an error message in Reloadify when synchronizing a segment? Under Data Sources > Import > Meta Ads > Status, check the following:

Using Reloadify audiences in Facebook Ads

You now have custom audiences available in Facebook's Ads Manager. You can:

  • Use them for retargetting ads. In Meta, Navigate to Audiences and click on the desired target group. Click actions and select Create ad.

  • Use for look-a-like audiences. In Meta, Navigate to Audiences and click on the desired audience. Click actions, and select Similar Audiences.

Note that you can only create an ad when the target group is larger than 100 customers.

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