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Error message Meta Ads: accept terms and conditions
Error message Meta Ads: accept terms and conditions

This article tells you how to fix the "Terms of Service" error message from the Meta Ads integration.

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In Reloadify, it is possible to synchronize segments with Meta in order to set up targeted ads. Have you made the link but get an error message? Below you can read how to solve this.

Error message resolution

There are a total of three levels of conditions that must be accepted for interfacing with Reloadify:

  • Step 1: Business level terms and conditions

  • Step 2: Ad level terms

  • Step 3: User level conditions

  • Step 4: Re-establish connection between Meta and Reloadify

Note that you need the appropriate Admin permissions within Meta for this.

Step 1: Business level terms and conditions

To accept the conditions at the business level, use the following link.

Note: the values ACCOUNT_ID and BUSINESS_ID have to be adjusted using the correct IDs. These can be found in the URL when logged into the business account in Meta.

Copy the following link, enter the correct IDs between the brackets and accept the terms:

Is the link not working? Then use the following link (again, enter the BUSINESS_ID!):

Step 2: User level

To accept the terms at uses level, click on the following link.

Step 3: Ad level - Step by step

To accept Ad level terms, go through the following steps.

Please note that in order to accept Ad level terms, you need to import a test target group. The test audience can be found below, in step 3.

Open to Meta Ads

Go to Select the appropriate business manager. To do this, click on your profile icon on the left and select the business manager from which you want to run ads.

Create a custom audience

In the left menu, go to Audiences.

Click on Create audience. In the dropdown menu, choose Custom audience.

Select within Your sources the option Customer list.

Upload a customer list

A screen will open where you can upload a customer list. Use a sample file for this, such as the one below.

Disclaimer: this file contains 1 test contact (Reloadify Support) and is intended only to populate the terms and conditions of Facebook's Custom Audience. You do not need to publish the customer list.

Click Upload file and select the sample file.

At the bottom of the screen you will find the option to agree to the terms and conditions for custom audiences. Check this option. With this you accept the conditions at once, also for subsequent target groups.

Then click Next. Then click Import and create.

Sometimes it also works to go directly to the link to accept the terms and conditions. In that case, use this link. Again, enter the ACCOUNT_ID and BUSINESS_ID.

Step 4: Reconnect between Meta and Reloadify

You have now accepted the conditions to create custom audiences. Go back to Reloadify and re-establish a connection between Meta and Reloadify.

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