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What does the number of spam notifications in my dashboard mean?
What does the number of spam notifications in my dashboard mean?

Learn about spam alerts and why we show this

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In your dashboard, you can see the number of spam notifications. These are spam notifications actively made by your own clients. A spam notification means that a profile has clicked "mark as spam." In Gmail, for example, this is the exclamation point:

With "spam notifications" in your dashboard and in the statistics per sent email, you can actively see which customer has marked you as spam. We keep track of this per customer and show this so you can act accordingly.

πŸ‘‰ For example, do you want to completely exclude this customer from your emails? You can! Go to the corresponding profile and uncheck the "can the customer receive messages" slider:

πŸ‘‰ Don't want to exclude the customer from your emails? You can try sending another newsletter or trigger to this customer. Are you flagged as spam again? Then we really advise you not to email this customer anymore. Your customer is clear that they don't need your emails.

Why do I see the spam notifications in my statistics?

You can have a maximum spam notification rate of 0.3% in Gmail and Hotmail. Are you above that? Then your sending reputation on your IP address goes down. This in turn affects the amount of emails actually received by your customers. When you're above that, you often see that your emails are no longer flowing through to your customer all at once.

Here's the thing: An inbox gets a signal too often that you are sending spam. In that case, a spam filter will let a few of your e-mails through first. They do this to see if it is well received by your customers. And if that is well received, then the rest of the e-mails flow through. So you get "squeezed," so to speak, on your volume of emails.

Because this is not a desirable situation for anyone, and you want to see spam notifications reflected in your dashboard or by email, we show this. We recommend that you deactivate customers who mark you as spam.

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