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Set up double opt-in in Reloadify
Set up double opt-in in Reloadify

In this article, I will guide you step by step through the process of double opt-in for your new subscribers

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Attracting new subscribers is obviously one of your biggest interests and priorities for your online store. After all, new subscribers also increase your potential customer base.

According to the GDPR, double opt-in is not mandatory in the Netherlands, but it is in Germany. This means that your newsletter subscribers have to confirm with two clicks that they want to receive your newsletter instead of one click.

How do I set up a double opt-in in Reloadify?

To create a double opt-in, you need to do the following:

  • Create a pop-up to subscribe to the newsletter

  • Customize the double opt-in landing page in your style

  • Create a flow that contains the double opt-in link

Step 1: create a pop-up to collect new subscribers

Create a new pop-up and give it a logical name. In step 1, switch off the setting for "Automatically subscribe profiles to the newsletter". After all, you are not allowed to subscribe German profiles directly.

๐Ÿ’ก In this article, you will learn step by step how to activate a pop-up.

Step 2: customize the double opt-in landing page

After creating the popup, all you have to do is change our ready-made double opt-in landing page to your design. Activate the landing page. With a special URL in the email you will automatically link to this landing page (see step 3).

Step 3: a flow for confirming the subscription

Set up a flow with the starting condition "Newsletter subscription is equal to 1 minute ago" in combination with "Double opt-in is false".

The entire flow looks as follows. Below the image, we explain all the steps in more detail.

Email 1: confirm your registration

In the flow, you add (after the starting point) an email. In this email, it is important that you now add a button that leads to the double opt-in landing page. You can find this link under "Special links" > on the right side.

Click on "Special links" and a pop-up will appear. Select "Subscription" and then "Link to double optin". This link will automatically take you to the double opt-in landing page.

After the confirmation email

After the email containing the link to the double opt-in page, comes a filter. You set up this filter with the following line, "Has double opt-in equals yes." The filter only lets profiles through after the double opt-in page has been visited.

At registration confirmation

After confirmation using the double opt-in, you can set up an email sharing the promised discount.

You're done! Did you know that you can now also find the "Is registered with double opt-in" filter in our filter rules? So play it safe and send your newsletter to your double opt-in subscribers.

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