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Double opt-in in Lightspeed and Shopware
Double opt-in in Lightspeed and Shopware

In this article, you will learn how to properly use the double opt-in from Lightspeed and Shopware in Reloadify

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Is your online store running on Lightspeed or Shopware? Then you probably know that you can set up a double opt-in in your back-end. Let me explain how these clients are synchronized towards Reloadify.

1. Your shop has a double opt-in from Lightspeed/ Shopware

The customer signs up via a block on your website, often the footer.

2. The customer receives an email from your platform to confirm his subscription

In this case, the profile is already created in the back-end of your platform. Therefore, this profile is also created in Reloadify. The profile becomes active automatically, however not yet subscribed to the newsletter.

You can check this by filtering on "double opt-in is not true":

Your customer is now not yet confirmed to receive your newsletter.

3. The customer clicks in your email to confirm his email address

Does the customer confirm his email address? Then the customer will receive your newsletter only now.

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