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Flow: stimulating a repeat purchase
Flow: stimulating a repeat purchase
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In our best practices I give you examples of flows you can use in your email marketing. In this article: stimulate a repeat order.

❗️ Note that a customer can be in multiple flows at the same time. Want to activate multiple flows? Align entry conditions or exclude profiles from other flows using a segment. This is not taken into account in the best practices.

πŸ’‘ New to the world of flows? Then read our article on the basics of email flows first.

Stimulating a repeat purchase

Do you sell products with a certain lifespan? Then you'll want your e-mail marketing to reflect this. Send automated emails in a flow when a certain product runs out.

You set up the flow in 3 steps:

  1. Group your products by lifespan;

  2. Segment your customers according to these products;

  3. Set up your e-mail dynamically so that each customer gets a unique e-mail with relevant products.

Group your products/categories by lifespan

Before setting up the flow, it is important to have an idea of which products have approximately the same lifespan. You can do this at category or product level.

πŸ‘‰ Example: Do you have a category Shampoo on your webshop and are the packages in this category the same? Then you only need to select on this category and not on individual products. Do you have a category Shampoo with packages of different quantities? Then it is useful to group the products by quantity.

Settings for the flow

I use the following settings as the starting condition of my flow:

  • Name: Repeat purchase shampoo and cream rinse

  • Flow description: New order after 45 days

  • Condition: Only once, and enter multiple times

  • Description of start node: Customer has ordered shampoo or cream rinse

  • Filter rules: At least one product from the following category was bought, shampoo and conditioner category equal to 45 days ago

Which then looks like this:

Setting up flow for a repeat purchase

The settings are in place, so it's time to build your flow. In this flow, I am already going a little deeper into my category. After all, my category includes both shampoo and conditioner. Both emails I want to set up slightly differently in terms of content. My first block will be a Condition with the following condition:

Last order contains products from one of the following categories: equal Shampoo and conditioner - shampoo

In this condition, I filter very specifically for shampoo and not for conditioner. If yes: then I would like to schedule a waiting period for 45 days. After that, shampoo runs out after average use. If no: that leaves cream rinse in the category. There I want to schedule a wait for 55 days. Because after 55 days, the cream rinse will run out. Do you have multiple products in the category? Then you need multiple branching too.

So far, my flow looks like this:

The customer hasn't placed an order yet, so after one week I send a reminder to my customers. For both shampoo and conditioner. After the e-mail, I build in a condition with the following rules:

  • Last order is less than or exactly 7 days ago

  • Contains products from one of the following categories equivalent to shampoo and conditioner - shampoo

Which looks like this:

After this condition, I set a one-time reminder for both products. And after that, my flow is finished. My entire flow looks like this:

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