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Here's how to install Reloadify in Shopware.

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In this tutorial, we'll show you how to install Reloadify for Shopware.

Step 1. Log in to the Shopware store

Go to and log in there with your Shopware account:

Step 2. Search for the Reloadify plugin

Now search for "Reloadify" in the search bar. This is the search result you are looking for:

Click the plugin. You will now enter the overview of the plugin itself. There you will see a large, blue button that says "Add to shopping cart".

Go to the Check out. Don't panic, you have a trial from us for the first 14 days.

Step 3. Enable Reloadify in the back-end of Shopware

Now go back to the backend of Shopware. At your plugins you will see that it now says 'Reloadify':

The slider we have circled in red should be turned on (to the right). Then click on the three dots. Now click on 'open extension'.

Step 4. Create an account or log in

New to Reloadify? Then click on 'sign up'. Already have an account with Reloadify? Then click on log in:

Step 5. Link your Sales Channels

Now you come to this screen, where you can choose your Sales Channels.

In this screen, you link your Sales Channels. Do you want to link several Sales Channels? Then click more of them immediately.

Step 6. Make shop active

Sometimes it may happen that your webshop does not become active at once. Do you get this screen in front of you? Then contact us via the chat. We will make sure your shop is active and that you can continue.

Good luck! 🙌

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