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Connect Reloadify with WooCommerce
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Your installation of Reloadify for WooCommerce is ready in three easy steps.

Step 1. Create a Reloadify account

You can create an account for Reloadify at After creating the account you can indicate that you have a WooCommerce shop.

After filling in your domain name, you can link your shop directly and we will get your data in.

Step 2. Install the Reloadify plugin

The Reloadify plugin makes it possible to detect abandoned shopping carts and, based on a unique URL, return them to the shop visitors. You can download the plugin by using the button below:

Are you using a PHP version lower than 8.2? Then use this plugin:

After installing the plugin, it is possible for Reloadify to automatically retrieve the shopping carts.

Step 3. Connect your webshop

Register your online shop at Reloadify and a dropdown screen will appear. Here you choose for WooCommerce. Then you can handle the installation flow yourself. Within 24 hours we'll have all your data synced.

Optional: synchronize brands

Do you also want to sync brands? Then make sure you use the official WooCommerce brands plugin ( Reloadify is then able to automatically retrieve the brands for your online store.

Good luck! πŸ™Œ

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