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How do I test my Open Ratio?
How do I test my Open Ratio?
In dit artikel leg ik je uit hoe je via je A/B test je open ratio test
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With Reloadify, it is possible to specify different criteria for A/B testing. In this article, I'll specifically explain how to test your open ratio.

Your open ratio depends on several factors. You want to get as many opens as possible. The following factors are important:

- Sender name

- Email subject

- Pre-header

This is because your customer has not yet opened the email. With these three factors, your open rate can be influenced. To test your open rate, let the sender's name, email subject or pre-header differ from each other. Always test one of the three. Otherwise, you'll never know which change was the deciding factor in choosing the winner.

1. Sender name

The sender's name can be different in variant A or variant B. Test which one works best. Is 'Carola from Reloadify' good enough? Or is 'Carola' alone reliable enough? I like to test it in an A/B test:

2. Email subject

With a strong subject you can convince your customer to actually open your newsletter. Play around with the order of your words or with totally different types of subjects.

Should the subject be: 'Free shipping on the entire assortment, today only'?

Or: 'Only today, free shipping on the entire assortment' work better? πŸ€”

3. Pre-header

Make smart use of your pre-header. This piece of text can make sure your email gets opened quickly.

Which pre-header appeals to your target audience the most?

Maybe: 'Open now and discover discounts'

Or: '25% off, open now'

Test this thoroughly and you will see that your customers respond to one and not the other. Of course, this also differs per target group.

Now you know what you should pay attention to when you start A/B testing your open rate. Good luck! πŸ™Œ

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