How do I test my Click Rate?

In this article, I explain how to A/B test your click rate

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We measure the number of clicks in your newsletter. Your click ratio is about the content of your newsletter. In this article I will explain exactly what you need to change to run a successful A/B test for your click ratio. Your click ratio depends on the content of your newsletter. In step 3 of your A/B test you have the option to make the content of your newsletter different from each other.

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By default the editor is set to variant A. Everything you put in variant A is automatically transferred to variant B. This way you don't have to create a whole new newsletter twice. Therefore, always create variant A first and then switch to variant B at the top:

In this article I'll cover a few things about how to make the content of variant A and B different for a successful A/B test. The sky is the limit, so endless testing on your click ratio with other things is always possible!

  1. Differentiate between images

Do you show certain items in your newsletter that are on sale? Often you have a product photo as an image. Do you have a database of lifestyle images? Test whether a product photo works well:

Or a lifestyle photo of the product:

2. Make the call-to-action different from each other

What text do you use to encourage your customers to make a purchase? Try playing with your call-to-action. Which text appeals most to your customers? Is it shop now:

Or 'discover now'?

3. Make text different from each other

Text is encouraged in the newsletter. If you only include images in your newsletter, without any text, it is more likely that your newsletter will be marked as spam. Always include some text in your newsletter, often just before or after an image. Test which text appeals to your target group. For example, for version A I have created a standard text:

and in the text of variant B I give away a discount:

4. Differentiate the chronological order of the newsletter

Do you have a number of offers in the newsletter? Then you probably take into account the order of your products in the newsletter. Do you put your bestseller at the very top of your email? Or do you put your bestseller of the week at the very bottom and save the best for last? Both are possible! Test it yourself with A/B testing.

5. Differentiate the offers from each other

You probably have plenty of offers you want to include in your newsletter. But, you also don't want to burden your customers with a very long newsletter. So, you pick the best offers and start a campaign with them in your e-mail marketing, which means that you give a few other offers less attention. Test which offers resonate with your target group. It is possible to put your top five offers in variant A and your top 6 to 10 offers in variant B.

Which variant gets the most clicks? Test it and let your content connect with your target group. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Good luck with testing!

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