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Does a PDF fit as an attachment in my newsletter?
Does a PDF fit as an attachment in my newsletter?
We'll be happy to explain how to add a PDF to your newsletter.
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We regularly get asked if you can add a PDF file as an attachment to your email. You can add a PDF file to your email. Just not as an attachment. I am now going to explain how to do this.

Adding a separate PDF to your email as an attachment is not possible. You don't want to do this, because a newsletter with an attachment is seen as a spam message more often than a newsletter without an attachment. What you do want is to offer your PDF in your newsletter. You can do this by putting a link behind your button. You link to your PDF file.

1. Create a text and add a button

I would like to include the 2022 content calendar in my email. This is a PDF file I'd like to add to my newsletter. Therefore, I first make it clear through my copy what exactly people are getting from me. Then I drag a button under my text. I make the Call To Action of the button 'download here'. This is what it looks like now:

inhaakkalender 2022 voorbeeld

2. Add a file to your button

Good, the first step has been taken. Now you have to actually place the PDF behind the button. You do this by selecting the button. In the content area on the left side you can add an action to the button. At Link type you will see below the box in blue 'special links' and 'link file':

You now press link file, since your PDF is a file. A new window will open where you can upload a PDF file:

Press upload, select your PDF file and add it to the button. Did you succeed? Great! Then you will see in the content that a URL has been entered with the action of the button.

And you're done! Easy, right?πŸ™Œ

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