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Does a PDF fit as an attachment in my e-mail?
Does a PDF fit as an attachment in my e-mail?

We'll be happy to explain how to add a PDF to an e-mail.

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In Reloadify, you can send a PDF along with your email. How to do that, I'll explain.

Adding a separate PDF to your e-mail per attachment is not possible. You don't want this because a newsletter with an attachment is more often seen as a spam message than a newsletter without an attachment. What you do want is to offer your PDF in your newsletter. You can do this by adding a link behind your button. You then link to your PDF file.

1. Create a text and add a button

First create your e-mail and add a button with an activating call to action, such as "download here".

2. Add a file to the button

To place the PDF behind the button, select the button. In the menu on the right, under 'Content', adjust the action of the link. Under the URL entry box, click on 'Link file'.

A menu opens where you can upload the PDF file.

That's it!

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