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Accumulate profile data by using click tracking
Accumulate profile data by using click tracking

Send reactive emails based on clicks from previous emails.

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In Reloadify all links in an email are tracked by default. Use this to filter your audience, while setting up new triggers or newsletters.

πŸ‘‰ For example: Imagine I sell shampoo. It would be useful to know how long on average it takes for a customer to empty a bottle of shampoo.

I set up a "welcome trigger", which gets sent after an order for shampoo. The email displays three links or images (with attached links), which will take the customer to your online shop. By clicking on one of the links or images, the customers profile will be linked (or tagged) to it, and you can use this information to send a follow-up email.

How to begin?

1. Set up a newsletter or trigger, which you will use to track the links.

Create your emails as usual and add your links. Below you will find an example of an email, on how to ask for customer information, based on a previous purchase.πŸ‘‡

2. Set up a newsletter or trigger, which will be sent, based on the data you got from Step 1.

Assume the customer clicked on "1 month" in the email from Step 1. Based on the data provided you can create a trigger, which will remind the customer after 25 days to buy a new bottle of shampoo. See the following image on how to set the filters correctly:

Check the following filters:

  • The last order: Use the most recent order, so you know that the customer hasn't placed a new order in the meantime.

  • The moment of ordering: Enter 25 days to ensure that the customer will receive the new bottle of shampoo in time.

  • Order status: Choose "completed" to avoid filtering any cancelled orders.

  • Contains products from the category shampoo: You only want to filter customer orders which contain shampoo.

  • A random email, from which...: It's irrelevant if this was the last email the customer received.

  • Email was sent from: From the "welcome trigger", also called "welcome - shampoo question" in this case.

  • The customer clicked on the link within 30 days: This is the link, which we track. Based on this we know that the customers shampoo will last for 30 days.

3. Design your email

How to create and design your emails is available in the following article: Setting up a "repeat-order" trigger.

Easy right? Good luck!

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