Within Reloadify you have the option to connect the software with Trusted Shops. Easily connect Reloadify with your TrustedShops account to collect the reviews of your customers.

How do I connect my TrustedShops account?

This is very easy. When you go to 'Data sources' and click 'Imports', you will find the heading 'TrustedShops' in the menu. When you press "connect", a new screen will appear:

All you have to do is fill in the fields above. The Trusted Shops ID (TS-ID) is a 33-character code. Your Trusted Shops ID is valid for one specific shop URL. Do you have a website with multiple languages? Then you also have multiple Trusted Shops accounts and therefore also multiple TS-IDs. You can find this code in your Trusted Shops account, in your dashboard.

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