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Set trigger after filling out a form from a landing page
Set trigger after filling out a form from a landing page

How do you set up a trigger for the profiles that filled out your landing page form?

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It is now possible to actually distinguish the customers who have filled out your landing page from the rest of your customers. This is useful so that you can target these customers immediately after they have filled out the form.

Step 1. Create a landing page

Step 2. Set up a trigger based on the information

Has your customer filled out the form on the landing page? Then you will now create a trigger. To do this, go to emails and then triggers. Click on 'new trigger'. In the filter rules you need to look at 'Profiles'.

I would like to collect my profiles that filled out the landing page about Black Friday and email them with a discount code. Therefore, I set the rule as follows:

The rule is now set to go off when:

  • Customers who have filled out the form

  • 1 day ago

So the group is dynamic, every day there will be different profiles in the group. And you're done. Now create the mail that matches your trigger. πŸ™Œ

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