The installation of Reloadify for Magento 2.x is easy, but you will need an SSH access. Do you have a developer who makes adjustments or installs extensions for you? Just send them the link of this article.

Step 1. Download the Reloadify plug-in

You can download the Reloadify extension here.

Step 2. Upload the extension in your online shop

Log in via FTP and upload the extension in the file "App/Code/".

Step 3. Execute two commands via SSH

Execute the following two commands via SSH:

php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Step 4. Log-out via back-end

Are you still logged in to the back-end of Magento? Then log out and log back in again. On the left in the menu you should now see the option "Reloadify" appear. By clicking on it, you will see that an API key has been generated for you.

Step 5. Connect with Reloadify

Add the API key into the Reloadify app during the installation process, and the connection between Reloadify and your online shop is complete.

Important: Don't share this API key with any unknown persons.

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