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Tips for your subject lines
Tips for your subject lines

In this article, I'll give you tips on which subject lines score the highest open rate.

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A good e-mail starts with a good subject line. This is the first thing your customer sees about your email. It should trigger your customer accurately to open the email and proceed to purchase from there. But, what is the best way to do this? I would like to give you some tips on this.

How long can a subject line be?

Depending on the e-mail client and whether you open the e-mail on a mobile or desktop, a certain number of characters is displayed in the mailbox. This means that a long subject line will be aborted. Especially on mobile.

For mobile: assume 30-35 characters.

For desktop: then stick to a maximum of 50 characters.

Tip 1. Does your subject line create curiosity?

Curiosity is something special. When we don't know something, it makes us feel like we're missing something. Our instinct then tells us to look for information to counteract this lack. A subject line that creates curiosity looks like this:

  • See which brand is 80% off

  • Curious about our best sellers....

Tip 2. Ask a question in your subject line

Subject lines in the form of a question always work well. You literally push your customers to think. If you get really good at this, you'll find that your questions often evoke recognition from your customers. And a bit of recognition? That, in turn, is good for your open rate. A few examples of a subject line:

  • Are you always late changing your tires, too?

  • Is your wardrobe ready for summer?

Tip 3. Start your subject line with the word "this.

This may not sound logical, but it is! The word "this" gives you an immediate urgency to want to know something. The word radiates that you need to know something. Not convinced? A few examples:

  • These are the deals for Black Friday

  • This item is now discounted

  • These are the must-haves for this summer

These subject lines will make you want to click anyway! 😁

Tip 4. Create urgency in your subject line

What always works well is creating urgency in your subject line. Give your customers the feeling that they should proceed to purchase right now and not later. After all, you want conversion now. There are countless ways to create urgency. Think about the stock of the item itself, the duration of the sale or the duration of any discount code. A few examples for your subject line:

  • Only 1 hour left on sale. Be quick to get there!

  • Only today free shipping

  • A few items in stock...

Tip 5. Announce something in your subject line

Words like "new", "update" or "introduction" are always well received. You give your customers the feeling that there really is something new to get.

  • Here are a few examples for your subject line:

  • New collection: shop the winter collection now

  • Brand X introduces new sneakers

Tip 6. Personalize your subject line

Personalize your subject line by using your customer's first or last name. Personalization is highly appreciated by customers, so why not start already in your subject line?

Some examples for your subject line:

  • Kevin, aren't you forgetting us?

  • Especially for you these items on sale, Amanda

Finally, it is important that you test your subject line properly. Use an A/B test to find out which subject line resonates best. A/B tests can now also be set up for triggers.

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