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Set trigger after filling out a form from a pop-up
Set trigger after filling out a form from a pop-up

How do you set up a trigger for the profiles that filled out your pop-up form?

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It is now possible to actually distinguish the customers who have filled out your pop-up from the rest of your customers. This is useful so that you can target these customers immediately after they fill out the form.

Step 1. Create a pop-up

Create a pop-up with a form.

Step 2. Set up a trigger based on the information obtained

Did your customer fill out the form in the pop-up? Then you will now create a trigger. To do this, go to emails and then triggers. Click on 'new trigger'. In the filter rules, look at 'Profiles':

I would like to collect my profiles that filled out the pop-up about Black Friday and email them with a discount code. Therefore, I set the rule as follows:

The rule is now set to go off when:

  • Customers who have filled out the form

  • 1 day ago

So the group is dynamic, every day there will be different profiles in the group. And you're done. Now create the mail that matches your trigger. πŸ™Œ

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