For the majority of online shops, Reloadify provides the option of automatically created discount codes. You can activate these in your online shop or add them to your emails to send them to your customers. Unfortunately this is not the case for all online shop platforms. Aside from that, you might want to create a special discount code for a specific product or category.

For these reasons we created "manual discount codes"! In these circumstances you can use our new feature of manual discount codes. Below we will show you how to create such a manual discount code.

Step 1. Unique or identical discount codes

Once you have decided to set up a manual discount code you have the choice of creating a unique discount code, meaning it will be unique to each customer, or one, which can be used by multiple customers.

If you choose the option "discount code can be used multiple times", you only need to add one code. Reloadify will automatically add this code into every email you send.

By choosing the second option "discount codes are unique", you can fill in multiple discount codes into the text box. Every new email will then contain a unique discount code. Once all the codes you created are distributed (sent in emails), the trigger will be paused and you will receive a notification via email.

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ In our example, we want to send a unique discount code to every customer.

Step 2. Generate a batch of discount codes

To avoid having to create new discount codes every day, it is much more efficient generating a batch of them. You can do this easily with Excel or via websites like: Here you can allocate how many codes you want generated and how many numbers and characters they should consist of.

Step 3. Add the codes to Reloadify and your online shop

Once you have created your unique discount codes, you can upload them into your online shop platform. In Lightspeed for example, you can upload the codes into a text box:

Afterward you just add the same discount codes to Reloadify.

To finalise click on "Save". You can find these codes in the index, as well as their expiration date and if they have been used.

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ In this example you can see a discount code, which has not yet been used (0/5).

You can add manual discount codes to your emails exactly the same way as your automatic discount codes; in the email editor under "Merge Tags".

Do you need any additional help? Read our article about dynamic discount codes.

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