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Datatrics integration
Datatrics integration

How do you connect Datatrics to Reloadify?

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Do you use Datatrics? And would you like to have all your data in one place? Now you can easily synchronise your data from Datatrics to Reloadify. Once you have made the connection, the syncing will be on continuously.

1. Connect Datatrics to Reloadify

In Reloadify go to "Data sources" > "Import". Here you see the option to connect to Datatrics:

Click the three dots and click on 'connect'.

A pop-up will appear where you need to enter your Datatrics username and password:

Have you filled in your login details? Then click on 'Save changes'. The connection between Reloadify and Datatrics will now be established.

2. Choose your language

When you have made the connection, you will see the following pop-up:

Here you can choose to which language the profiles should be imported. In this example, it is German. Now click on "Start importing".

Within a few seconds we will import all profiles from your Datatrics environment to Reloadify. Your number of active profiles will increase. Once the connection is made, we are continuously in sync with Datatrics. All new profiles will be synced from that moment on.

You will recognise your new profiles by the fact that they have a Datatrics tag in their profile.

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