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How do I find my campaigns/triggers in Google Analytics?
How do I find my campaigns/triggers in Google Analytics?

In this article we will show you how to find your campaigns and triggers in Google Analytics.

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Reloadify automatically tags all outgoing emails and provides them with the right parameters. In this article, we will show you how to find the results in Google Analytics.

Search for the Channels report

Click on "Aquisition" > "All Traffic" > "Channels" on the right in Google Analytics.

On the following page, you can find the button "Email" in between the various channels. By clicking on it you will move to a more in depth level.

Adjust the dimensions

By default, Google displays the landing pages as a primary dimension. You can change that by clicking on "Source" next to "Landing Page".

Add a secondary dimension

Do you want to have an insight into your revenue generated trough your newsletters and triggers? Click on "Secondary dimension" and search for "Campaign".

Analyse your results

You can view your generated revenue per campaign, trigger or newsletter.

❗ Why is the revenue different in Google Analytics and Reloadify?

The reason is the conversion-attribute model. Google Analytics refers the revenue back to the channel, which was responsible for the last click and measures these by the use of cookies. But Google Analytics measures the conversions, not the cross devices.

πŸ’‘ For example: A customer opens an email on the smartphone but buys the product later on the laptop. This conversion will be allocated to the laptop, although it should be assigned to the email, which was opened on the smartphone.

However, Reloadify is able to measure the cross device conversions, by tracking the purchase on the base of email address and the customers unique account ID. Therefore in the case of the above example, Relaodify would allocate the conversion to the sent email campaign. You will be able to see this by tagged UTM tags in Google Analytics.

Which data is the correct one? This depends on what you want to know; do you want insight into your direct revenue? Add both channels together and subtract 2/3 of it, and you will have the rough direct revenue. Do you want to rate your entire email channel? Choose the data from Reloadify, as we measure cross device, hence the entire customer journey.

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