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Dynamic products in the email editor
Dynamic products in the email editor

In this article we will show you how to add dynamic products to your emails and what other options you have in the email editor.

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While creating a trigger or newsletter you will arrive at the email editor in the third step. You will immediately notice all the available options, which you can use to create and design your emails. In this article our focus is on the dynamic products. You can add them into your emails in two different ways; the easy way or the advanced way.

Adding Dynamic products

Let's start from the beginning:

In the menu on the right you go to the "Rows" area, where you click on the drop down menu. Here you will find different options for dynamic products. The first two options will be "Empty" and "Default". With these options you opt to create every single element of your email yourself.

In this article though, we will focus on the dynamic product options:

  • All last ordered products

  • All cross-sell products

  • All products from an abandoned shopping cart

  • All products from segment selection

  • Last ordered products

  • Cross-Sell products

  • Products from an abandoned shopping cart

  • Products from segment selection

As you can see we have options with and without "all". In the blocks with "all" we refer to a loop. You can drag it into your email and the block will repeat itself as often as the amount of products left behind in the abandoned shopping cart or the last ordered products. Using the option without "all" means there will be no loop. The system will only display one product if you added one block into your email. It's also possible to add a dynamic "product for review".

If you have already created dynamic products yourself, you can make use of them and will find them as an option at the bottom of the menu. How to create your own dynamic products? You can read all about it in this article: Creating dynamic products.

If you for example click on "abandoned shopping cart" you will immediately see a bunch of options. Drag the selected block into your email. As soon as you click on the block in your email, a menu with the design options will appear in the menu on the right. You're able, for example, to adjust the format of pictures, change the colour and change the size of your texts.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Pictures are scaled by default. This means they're adjusted to the pictures of your online shop. If you would like to change that, because you uploaded different sizes per picture, click on it and deactivate the option "Scale picture automatically". Once that's done you can scale your pictures manually.

Dynamic variables

An important aspect in this advanced version is that you can play with the dynamic variables. At the moment we offer the following options of dynamic variables:

  • name

  • short_description

  • main_image

  • url

  • price

  • review_link

You have the option to exchange the "price" subtitle with something else. For example, you can swap the "price" with a short description or possibly the URL. In case of the URL, you will have to set the link type to "URL" instead of "Price" on the right in the menu.

If you want to display multiple products, like the following example, you will have to number them. Because all dynamic products are saved as "0" by default, and if left unchanged, your customer would see the product three times. To number your products, do so by clicking into "product name", "short description", the button ("url") and the image for ("main image"). You can also do it with the block "Product for review". A special URL is instated here, which you will find in the menu on the right under "Button".

❗ Important: What happens if a profile has less products, for example in the abandoned shopping cart, than what I want to display in my email?

You can easily solve this problem by adjusting the settings. Click on the row, and select "Edit criteria" under "View criteria" in the menu on the right. Here you fill in the numbers you already assigned to the variables. Repeat this for every block you want to leave out.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Save your created rows. This will save you time the next time you want to send a similar email. All you have to do is click on the row and then on the floppy disc icon. You will find your saved rows under "Saved Rows".

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