On the page "Emails to be sent" you can find all your scheduled triggers and newsletters.

Majority of the time you'll only find your triggers on this page, because newsletters are usually created and sent immediately. In the case that you have scheduled a newsletter, you will obviously find it here as well.

For your active triggers our system is continuously runnings checks, searching for matching profiles. You will find these triggers on this page.

Important: Remember that this site can look different from minute to minute, because our system is constantly checking for new matches.

On this page you will see the name of the customer, their email address and the name of the trigger. If you click on the email address of a profile, our system will show you the customers data.

Important: It could seem that some of your emails are missing. By updating this site at fixed time intervals instead of every second, we ensure our system isn't being overloaded. Therefore you might not find certain emails on this page if it was recently updated or possibly an email has already been sent. So check your mailbox "Sent emails" as well.

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