Keywords are still very important in 2018. In ReloadSEO's content score, there are 4 factors we pay attention to.

A: Specify keyword to optimize for

Without a keyword, we cannot unleash our ReloadSEO algorithm on your texts. So it is important that you choose a keyword you want to optimize for.

B: Use the keyword in the URL of the page

To make sure your page appears as relevant as possible, we recommend including the keyword in the URL. This is an important ranking factor for the search engines. Research also shows that search engine users are more likely to click on your website if the keyword is included in the URL of the page.

C: Keyword density

A text on a particular topic naturally has a keyword density. This keyword density occurs because the main topic is mentioned multiple times. Several studies show that it is somewhere between 1% and 5%.

In ReloadSEO we measure how often the main keyword is used and let you know when you use it too little or too often.

D: Supporting keywords

Supporting keywords send a quality signal to the search engine and let it know that the text is relevant to the main keyword.

For example, do you have the keyword "Protein Powder" that you want to optimize for? Then supporting keywords like "Sports" "Post-workout" and "Weightlifting" all give extra power to the main keyword "Protein Powder" because they are relevant to the topic.

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