Product optimization: Meta title and description

The meta description and title are an important part of search engine optimization. This is the first impression a search engine user gets of your website.

Google's new RankBrain now measures how many search engine users click through from search engines to your website and this has a direct impact on your positions in the search engines.

So it pays to write your title and description in such a way that they meet the search engine user's demand and entice them to click through to your website.

A: Meta title

The meta title is the title that the search engine user sees in the search results. So you can have a title that is different from the meta title. The meta title is only meant for the search engines.

Write your meta title so that it is relevant to the keyword you are trying to rank for. Let the keyword come back in the meta title as well.

B: Meta description

The meta description describes what the search engine user can expect to find on the website after clicking on the link. Keep in mind that Google will cut off your description after 160 characters (we also indicate this in ReloadSEO).


The URL gives an important indication to both the search engine and the search engine user about the relevance of the page. If someone searches for "buy cat food" and your URL is "buy cat food" then it is 100% relevant and the search engine user is more likely to click on your URL. We therefore recommend using the keyword you want to rank for in your URL.

D: Search engine preview

ReloadSEO gives you a preview of what your meta title and description will look like in the search engines and whether they are being truncated. This way you can write your meta title and description very precisely to make sure that more people click on your website.

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