Thanks to the direct link we have with your webshop, ReloadSEO allows you to directly update your products, categories and pages to make them search engine friendly.

To optimize a text, click on Products, Categories or Pages in the menu item "Content optimization".

You will now enter the index where you can find all your products, categories and pages. In this example we will optimize a product. We will therefore end up in the product index:

A: Switching between web store languages

Do you have a webshop that is active in different countries? We automatically take your settings from your webshop and you can switch between the different languages in the upper right corner.

B: Search products

Do you want to optimize a specific product? In the search bar you can search on product name, ID or SKU code to find and optimize the product.

C: SEO score

If you entered a keyword you will see a calculation of your SEO score. By default it is 20% if you have not entered a keyword. You can sort your SEO score from high to low or from low to high.

D: Optimize button

By pressing the optimize button you go to the product to optimize it.

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