It is important to measure on which position your website ends up for important keywords for your business.

In ReloadSEO you can choose in which country you want to measure the keywords, the URL you want to measure and which keywords.

A: Amount of keywords

At A you will see the amount of keywords tracked for your web store by ReloadSEO.

B: Ranking ascended

Here we show how many keywords have changed their position in a positive way. The number of keywords that has increased in the search results in the past four weeks.

C: Position dropped

Here we show you how many keywords have dropped in position in the past four weeks.

D: Number of keywords in the top 40

Here we show you how many keywords you track appear in the top40 search results. The more keywords in the top3 the better.

Detailed view per keyword

If you have been tracking your keywords for more than a week, you will see a detailed view per keyword at the bottom.

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